Online course program

I play the game based on my ikigaï

5 training modules to boost your own coaching career

1) I become the CEO of My Own Successful Company 
Based on your ikigai (balance between what I like to do, what I can do well, what I can be paid for and what is useful to the world), concrete tools to know yourself better, reach your goals, develop your creativity ans achieve your dreams

2) I become benevolent salesman
Sales skills for non sales people that match you through alignment with your ikigai to better understand your customers' needs and offer them solutions that truly meet their expectations in line with your values

3) I develop an irresistible service offer

Develop the ikigai of your project, based on the successful company of each leader, a strong innovative brand identity co-created as a team to give it meaning, reinforce its raison d'être and develop a unique, coherent and irresistible service offer that corresponds to them

4) I create a relationship beyond membership
How to set up a quality approach consistent with the ikigai of your project where the client participates in the co-creation and continuous improvement of your services

5) I deploy a digital presence that hits the mark
Deploy your service offering in the digital world to make your project a success. Attract, convert, build loyalty and increase the number of customers adhering to your brand ikigai

Support and coaching

Optional, during your training course
Support for each module to help you integrate them even better

Optional, after your training course

Coaching for the implementation of each module