1. What is the Ikigai Academy?

  2. What are the Core Concepts?

  3. What was your AHA! moment to create it?

  4. What issues do you solve?

  5. What have you learned in your journey of implementing club management software for tennis clubs?

  6. What has to happen for clubs and coaches to adopt technologies and upgraded teaching methods that can improve their members' experience?

  7. Please paint a picture of the tennis coach of the future and how you envision the Innovation Mindset improving coaching.

  1. As a tennis marketing expert, how do you envision the Club of the Future?
  2. Will the concept of Club still be relevant in the future or there could be more inclusive formats?
  3. From your sales expertise perspective, how can tennis Coaches become Tennis Ambassadors inside and outside the Club?
  4. How can Coaches sell the benefits of tennis elegantly and effectively to counterbalance the growth of padel and pickleball?
  5. What new ideas do you see emerging to engage new tennis players?
  6. How can tennis innovate in the areas of Marketing and Promotions? What approaches do you wish were utilized by tennis to grow faster?