Projects I am active in:
More to come for 2023 :-)
Launch of streetracket and tennis in the association play4peace (2022)
Creator of the IKIGAÏ.ACADEMY concept (2022)
Creator of the learning concept for adult beginners (2019)
Founder of, the first "technology and innovation" exhibition in networking mode for tennis and/or padel club and school managers as well as professional partners of the sector. (2019)
Co-founder of, AFT partner training organization (since 2015)
Co-creator and commercial manager of the web platform (2003 - 2022)
Co-owner and director of the Tennis Club Le Roseau in Brussels (since 2006)
Founder and sports director of the Smash Academy (tennis and sports school
and sports school present in 3 clubs)
in Brussels (since 1998)

Trainings followed :
NLP Practitioner
Communication and HRM
Marketing Adapted Qualified Sales Strategy
Tennis instructor for 30 years AFT (Belgian French speaking FD)
Professional certifications : RPT, PTR, USPTA
Tennis Cooleurs levels 1,2,3 and mini-tennis

Trainer on court :

- Development of a turnkey IZITEN adult beginners course
- Cardio-tennis, I play for my form for the AFT (Belgian federation)
- Street-racket, anyone can play, anytime, anywhere (Belgium and France)
- Tennis Cooleurs levels 1,2 for the FFT (French federation)