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I discover my ikigaï level

What is your ikigai

IKIGAI is a Japanese philosophy of life that consists of giving meaning to one's life by finding a balance between what one loves, what one is good at, what one can be paid for and what is useful to the world.
"Iki" means life and "gai" refers to the realisation of what you hope for; it is about feeling where you belong, aligned with yourself.

To find your true calling, an online training that accompanies you, step by step, to the discovery of your Ikigai in 4 major steps:

1. Discovering your passions
The starting point: identify the field(s) in which you could develop professionally.
Together we will go through everything that interests you in life.
And then look for what really makes you tick!

2. What makes you unique: your talents
You are unique, there is no other person like you on earth.
Therefore, you have unique skills, gifts and talents within you. This is called your genius zone!
This second step will allow you to identify it, and then to make it your own.
This is essential for your future activity to be based on your strengths! This will boost your self-confidence and your self-image.

3. What motivates you and what you are looking for: your values
At this stage, it is a question of identifying your personal "drivers", i.e. what gives meaning to your work and more generally to your life.
And behind these values, to discover your best contribution, what you really want to bring to others during your time on Earth, taking into account who you are (i.e. your history, your education, your life path, your personality, your skills, etc.).

4. Valuing your contribution to the world: your job
Once you have clearly identified your passions + your talents + your values and found the common thread between all these elements, we confront them with the needs of the professional world. The aim is to find the intersection between your area of genius and the demand of the "market", to position yourself in a unique way. And to find the right remuneration for the added value you bring!