Questions for you

  • Do you spend too many hours on the field and only on the field?
  • Do you feel that you have been given the recognition you deserve?
  • Do you lack career prospects?
  • Do you feel a certain loneliness and routine?

Would you like to finally create a real balance between

  • what you would like to do, what would really thrill you
  • what you are good at, your natural talents, and what you do easily
  • what would allow you to be better paid, recognised and valued
  • and that would inspire more people to play?
If you have answered yes to several questions,
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        * IKIGAÏ is a Japanese philosophy of life which consists in giving meaning to one's life by finding a balance between what one likes, what one knows how to do well, what one can be paid for and what is useful in the world. "Iki" means life and "gay" refers to the realization of what one hopes for; it's about feeling where you belong, aligned with yourself.

        The ikigai philosophy can be applied
        both to the individual and to associations and companies

        Join me in the Ikigaï Business & Leadership Academy

        and together let's grow the game

        « If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten»
        Anthony ROBBINS

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