PROGRESS : Talks & Webinars

Discover the ikigaï concept

15/0 -  Reveal your ikigaï and become the leaeder of your Own Successful Company 
Based on my ikigaï (balance between what I like to do, what I do well, what I can get paid for and what is useful to the world), I discover how to develop my own successful business to achieve my goals and achieve my dreams

 30/0 - I become a salesman aligned with his values
I discover how to develop business skills that suit me through alignment with my own successful business

40/0 -  I develop an irresistible service offer

I discover how to align the ikigaï of our project, based on the successful business of each leader, to give it meaning, strengthen its purpose and offer, to our customers, a unique offer of services irresistible that corresponds to them

GAME - I create a relationship beyond membership
I discover how to develop a quality approach based on the ikigaï of our project and thus strengthen the involvement of each client in the co-creation and the "continuous improvement of our service offer"

SET -  I deploy a digital presence that hits the mark
I discover how to deploy the ikigaï of our project in the digital world to attract, convert, retain and grow the number of customers adhering to our ikigaï

MATCH - Follow up

> Training course
> Coaching